Bridges on Kinsey

The Bridges on Kinsey is built on a true infill site we found in Tyler. The location right off of the inner loop, combined with the natural beauty of the site, made it a home run. Only one other market rate multi-family complex had been built in the City in ten years or more, and the market was ready for something new.

The site was a design challenge due to a small creek running through the center of the land. We worked out a solution with the City to put in sheet metal pilings to stop erosion and contain the waters. Two bridges were designed as crossings.

Major efforts were made to save every possible tree on this site, and there is a large tree-save/picnic area where we put in walking paths towards the rear of the complex. The stucco and stone façade, painted in cooler colors, is a perfect aesthetic fit with its surroundings.
This 232 unit project leased very quickly, and is well known by most locals in Tyler. To view more, please visit the official website.