Portfolio Development, LLC is a Dallas-based real estate development company, focusing on multi-family and mixed-use projects in the southwestern United States.

Great development must begin with a good site. Portfolio continually researches various sites in multiple markets, settling only on those few that make the most sense. Whenever possible, sites are chosen that offer quality-of-life amenities such as trees, water features, proximity to schools, and such. Detailed site planning then results in a layout that maximizes the outstanding features of each location. Residents at Portfolio-developed multi-family properties can expect details rarely found in apartments, as shown in our sample projects section. Portfolio adheres to the philosophy that if the developer is willing to take the time necessary to examine all options and think through the details of design, extraordinary development can be done at the same cost as ordinary development.

A core practice in Portfolio’s business is to keep up with change. By continually questioning management and “people on the street”, we constantly evolve our product. Portfolio uses only highly-experienced architects and consultants, resulting in inspired and intelligent design. In a nutshell, Portfolio builds projects that have a distinctive feel, without breaking the budget for either the investor or the renter.


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Kennis Ketchum, president of Portfolio Development, LLC, founded the company in 2001 after almost 20 years in the commercial real estate industry.

Kennis has been involved in many aspects of commercial real estate, including development, lending, investing, and buying/selling of office, retail, industrial and multi-family properties.Portfolio is a woman-owned business and is a registered HUB in the state of Texas. The company has a high level of experience with the HUD 221(d)4 program as well as other traditional financing methods. It develops properties both as a fee developer and as a joint-venturer. Above all, Portfolio takes personal pride in each project, and vests the development process with thoughtfulness and integrity.